automible sales training
   Dr. Lew Linet, founder of AMERICAN AUTO SEMINARS, entered the automobile business in August of 1978 and "started at the top" by selling 24 cars that month, making him "Salesman of the Month" and held that slot 10 out of 12 months per year until entering Management.

   There, wearing the hats of Closer, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, and Used Car Manager, he began training new salespeople who quickly rose to the top of the board.

   Since opening AMERICAN AUTO SEMINARS in 1986, he has conducted regional workshops, and provided on-site training for thousands of the nation's most successful automobile salespeople, many of whom are now Sales Managers in the nation's best stores, and several of them, dealers. In addition, he provides operation analyses and procedural plans for many of his client dealerships.

   Most recently, he has completed a 10-volume sales training videocassette program for North American Honda, a series of instructional and motivational interviews for broadcast over ASTN, an intensive feature-benefit presentation videocassette program entitled "THE MILLION-DOLLAR WALKAROUND" and a compilation of his entire training program on the 20-hour, college level audio/videocassette series entitled "THE COMPLETE CAR SALESMAN - THE BASICS". His book, "THE DEAL OR THE ART OF THE 4-SQUARE", is referred to in dealerships throughout America as the "Bible" of automotive sales negotiation.

   In addition to training and consultation, Lew also provides Expert Witness services (consultation, case preperation, and testimony in litigation) concerning dealership standards and practices.

   Lew holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and a Doctorate in Business-Marketing from La Salle University in Mandeville, Louisiana.