- Packard Motorcar Company 1906-1964


    "Lew Linet's training is the most innovative and comprehensive in the automobile industry. We are enjoying increased profits, increased customer satisfaction and reduced salesman turnover!"

                               John Peterson, Jr., President - Competition Chevrolet, Northridge, CA

   "We've made Lew's training mandatory for all new hires. Our salespeople are staying longer and advancing in the company more rapidly. His programs really pay off - over and over!"

                              Morrie Sage, President - Universal City Nissan, Universal City, CA

   "We were delighted to have you as our guest speaker. I have received nothing but positive feedback. I believe your training to be the staff in basic selling procedures. It not only provides foundation for new hires but also keeps our seasoned professionals focused on the fundamentals. Your training is, in no small part, a key to our success. We consider you part of our family."

                             Gary A. Hamner, President - People's Chrysler Plymouth, Roseville, CA

   "Your training gave our managers and salespeople a competitive edge in negotiating our deals. I would recommend your program to any dealer wishing to improve his bottom line unless, of course, he is in my marketplace."

                            Fletcher Jones, President - Jones Automotive Group, Las Vegas, NV

   "Lew's comprehensive sales techniques and his teaching ability have made our jobs easier and our profits soar!"

                           Robert Robertson, President - Robertson Honda, Palmdale, CA

   "The most effective and best received training our salespeople have ever had. Salespeople comment - "Better than all the others!"

                          Jerry Britain, General Manager - Long Beach Nissan, Long Beach, CA

   "Dynamite results! Lew talks the salespeoples' language. They pay attention - they learn!"

                           John Peterson, President - Cormier Chevrolet, Long Beach, CA

   "Lew's training has been a fixture in our stores for several years. It is effective and long lasting. Both managers and salespeople respond excellently, and his periodic Tune-Ups help to maintain the high standards we've set for our organization. Our investments in his programs are well placed."

                           Charles Butler, President - Mark Christopher Automotive Group, Ontario, CA

   "Lew's training? A definite 10! Extremely well worth the money!"

                         Gary Premeaux, President - Ford West, Bellflower, CA, South Bay Ford, Hawthorne, CA