At American Auto Seminars, we provide college level training for automotive sales professionals and sales managers. Our training courses are tailored to meet the needs of your staff whether they be veterans or greenpeas!

Dr. Lew comes to you in person!
Dr. Lew comes to you on Video and Audio cassette and in Print!
    1."Live and in Person!" - Complete soup-to-nuts half or full day automotive sales training seminars! read more    1."The Complete Car Salesman - The Basics" Audio/Video Series - Everything a salesperson needs to know in order to get rich selling cars and everything you want your salespeople to know in order to sell cars the right way! read more
    2."Magic In The Box" - This full day workshop teaches salespeople what to do once in the booth with their customers. It is an intense 4-Square and Credit Statement seminar focusing on selling the deal! read more    2."The Deal Or The Art Of The 4-Square" Workbook - This workbook has been referred to by so many as the "Bible Of Automotive Negotiation". Get one for each of your salespeople and turn up your volume! read more
   3."The Million Dollar Walk-Around" - Salespeople are spending only 10 minutes on the car but an hour in the booth begging for a "mini", when they should be spending an hour on the car and 10 minutes in the booth writing a three-pounder! read more    3."The Million Dollar Walk-Around" Video Series -National surveys say that our customers' biggest complaints about buying cars are that salespeople don't know their products or how to sell them...this series will put an end to that problem! read more
   4."The Million Dollar Manager" - A 3-hour workshop that instructs Sales Managers and Closers in the techniques of "Salesman Management". read more