Ever since I opened American Auto Seminars in 1986, it has been my purpose to provide the auto industry with the finest, most effective and economical sales training possible. I do not subscribe to trendy, touchy-feely or magic bullet systems, because I believe that human nature has not changed in ten thousand years and thus, neither has selling. I take great pride in boasting that I have not discovered the "cure-all" but rather teach good old-fashioned horse-trading that simply involves problem solving, courtesy and control.

      Selling does not require persuasion, pressure, deception or confrontation, just an answer to a customer's needs. A salesman does no selling. Rather, he motivates a customer to sell himself the product. The only thing a salesman needs to sell is himself. Customers buy from salesmen they like, and if the customer likes the salesman, he'll buy anything the salesman is selling.

      Throughout my programs, I teach not only what, but why. A salesman will never do what he is asked to do unless he understands the psychology behind his every move. Only then, will he embrace the procedures as his own and perform them consistently.

      Most other auto sales training programs, that I have seen, provide salespeople with an easy way to make a little money - a good start. But my programs are of college level and provide a sophisticated way to make a lot of money - career preparation. I must assume that you seek career-oriented people and that turnover is not your cup of tea. If this is true, I invite you to browse the rest of the site to discover what programs might suit your needs. Thank You.